Open Office Hours

With Vidar Andersen. For free. Every Wednesday. Book here.

Here is how to most easily and comfortably reach Vidar Andersen for questions, feedback and advice. Just find a free slot that fits your schedule in the calendar below on this page and book it.


  • The Open Office Hours are for Startup Entrepreneurs, Corporate Intrapreneurs & Students and held either physically at Startplatz Dusseldorf or remotely by Skype.
  • YOU MUST NOTE if you will be there IN PERSON or BY SKYPE in the notes when you book (you can imagine why - one requires a physical presence)
  • Vidar's Skype ID is "blacktar" (just add it, no need to ask first)
  • YOU call at the time of your slot - If you don't call, your time goes to the next in line (think about all the other people like you waiting for an Office Hour)
  • SAVE THE DATE TO YOUR CALENDAR (be lazy - this booking system provides you with a digital calendar item for a reason; just ADD IT)
  • If you cannot make it, LET HIM KNOW IN ADVANCE (think about all the other people in the waiting line)
  • READ THE FAQ BELOW before booking (save time, use the Office Hour more efficiently)
  • You can book as many slots you want or need - you DO NOT have to ask (entrepreneurs ask for forgiveness, not permission)

Vidar has been providing free feedback and advice to over 1.000 - a thousand and still counting - startup founders since 2007.

What started as private conversations over coffee referred to him by friends and friends of friends is now available to anyone, anywhere. For more information about Vidar, see or just google him.

ATTENTION: The in-person Office Hours are held at STARTPLATZ DUESSELDORF, Speditionstr.15a


  • Wondering if you're doing things right, read THIS first.
  • Whatever you do, take THIS course first. (It's free. It will open your eyes. It's awesome. You'll thank me for it later.)
  • So you think talking to customers is hard, read THIS list of resources to help you first.
  • So you and your co-founders have no vesting arranged - and right now you're asking yourself "what the hell is vesting and why should I care?", read THIS first.
  • Want to know what investors are looking for, read THIS first.
  • Want to how to pitch your startup to investors, read THIS first.
  • Wondering why the hell Andersen is doing this for free for you when well-known companies pay him thousands for just minutes of his time, the short answer is "it's the right thing to do. It's Karma" - the longer answer from 2014 you can read in an interview HERE.
  • If you are doing a social/local/mobile/discovery kind of app, read THIS first.

Please note that due to popular demand, sometimes it may take a week or two before there is a free slot available.

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